Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Road trippin'

I've been meaning to put this one in for the better part of 2 days now, but hey, people have been known to do worse in the procrastination department. So. I'm back from the family trip. And since my cousin was around for absolutely all of it, we had a blast :D. Unfortunately, late nights and too many really early mornings conspired to make it even more tiring than usual :(.The highlight of the trip was undoubtedly the drive from Shantiniketan to Asansol, simply because for once it was just my cousin and me. Catching up can be so much easier without a million prying ears :|. And of course, car stereo on full blast, competing with the roar of the wind whizzing by the rolled down windows :D. (Somehow everyone else in my family seems to think the car AC is a must use item, even in really decent weather.)And then I managed to convince the rest of the family to undertake a trip to what used to be a top getaway spot in years past, Maithon Dam on the river Damodar. I hadn't been there in many years, but as with some things, nothing had changed. The guards still hollered at you if you got within 10 feet of the dam gates with a cam :|. The tea stalls still have no rubbish bins for the throw-away cups. I guess I wasn't particularly thrilled when a boating trip in the lake was suggested with great enthusiasm :|. But I went along anyway.

Oh the other thing that had me very kicked was when on the way back the car odo ticked past 11111 kms :D. Even took pictures and everything :P.--

And this morning when I checked in with the visa people at the end of the requisite week, I found that my papers had indeed left Kolkata, but not last Wednesday or Thursday as promised. They were sent yesterday. Yesterday!!!!!! I guess I'll find out tomorrow if I'll get my passport back in time for my flight at all... If not, it's the same old routine. Run around in a frenzy, mailing all and sundry to try and get fresh flights. Then fly twice around the world thanks to bookings at short notice :-<.

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Anu said...

I like this one :) And the car piccie reminds me of New Zealand! Sighh...

kray said...

:) ah yes, road trips.... :-<