Sunday, 11 May 2008


This has got to be the longest crew-change I've done yet. On the way off the boat that is. The weather Saturday morning was quite nice, but apparently we were still on the limit for the choppers to land! They must've had rookie pilots or something :|.On to Barrow, and for some reason, we had to fly through Karratha instead of directly down to Perth. To make it worse an extra passenger on board at Karratha made life difficult for all of us as the crew had to find him and caused a massive delay!

I was pretty much dead tired, but ended up having one of the more extraordinary trips thanks to a pretty crazy, half-drunk passenger in the seat next to me, and a cross-word puzzle :). Once in Perth though, a lot of people were hurrying off straight to their onward connections. Thankfully, I was awake enough to bid Vic (my departing boss) a somewhat half decent farewell. A significant improvement on the previous occasion.

It had been warm in Perth till recently, we heard. But we were greeted with showers. So I spent most of the ride back into town staring at the splotched red and green lights on the rain splattered windscreen... It was quite late by the time I was trying to work the card key to my room.Spent a lot of today lying in bed, watching TV, whiling away time on the lappy, just lying. Finally sometime in the afternoon, managed to pry myself off the bed and out onto the streets. Had quite a nice long walk around actually. If things go to plan, then the only time I'd be spending here in the near future will be for crew changes. And time's usually at a premium on those occasions. Then again, we all know how plans involving me and visas go...It would appear I've stopped being averse to taking pictures of the same things :). So I indulged myself.
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Anu said...

6107 is lovely! You're right... there's nothing wrong with taking the same pictures over and over and over and over again... :D

kray said...

there's more of the kind on the photoblog now :)