Thursday, 29 May 2008


Yesterday I finally did make good use of the long hours of light. Went for a walk up to a lake a little north of here. I'd been there once before, the last time I was here. While the lake itself hadn't been frozen over, the surrounding countryside had been more or less completely white. This time obviously, things were very different. For one, there were a lot more people about :). I was quite pleased to be able to find my way there without straying. Through school playgrounds and farm yards, past fields and across streams.It was quite a long walk, well over 10 kilometres, all in all. And I also went walking all around the lake instead of just getting there and back :). The horses made it quite worth while. This seems to be the season for people to go riding horses. Part of my mind was planning on using this route for future runs. The rest of it was somewhat more sceptical, I think :P. Especially by the time I did eventually get back to the apartment. It really doesn't help that the apartment is totally out of the way of everything :-<. With the weekend fast approaching, I should really make some plans. If nothing else, then just for a trip up to Oslo. Let's see how that goes.

Feeling: rather pleased with the day's work :)
Listening to: Stereophonics - Maybe tomorrow


Anu said...

Ohhhh... this is EXACTLY what my Asker was like :) Heck, I even have some of the exact same pictures (photoblog). The place hasn't changed at all!

kray said...

well, some things have changed... but not much