Monday, 11 August 2008

Losing 'everything'

I'd seen it happen before, but for all this time that I've been travelling, it had somehow never happened to me. But I guess, as they say, sooner or later. So when the last bag was on the belt after I finally got to Perth from Kristiansund via Oslo, Istanbul and Dubai, and mine was nowhere in sight, it was just waiting to happen :-<.

The good thing (well, sort of), is that this was a new bag, and one I didn't like all that much to be honest :|. The bad thing is, and this is pretty bad, inside that bag was everything. Well, everything that makes up my life for about 9 out of every 10 weeks :((. I guess you could say it feels a little like getting robbed of everything in the house....

Fortunately, I still stick with my policy of keeping all my electronics with me, in the back pack. And for some reason I'd chosen to wear my Ferrari jacket, instead of packing it in with the rest of the clothes... That is the one thing I'm really really thankful for actually :|.

On the other hand, I've lost my trustiest alarm clock - the old cell-phone :(. And my old wrist-watch, which, at 3 years, wasn't really that old :(. Then there was my old notebook, the one with the hand written posts while on flights... And the Leatherman Wave I'd got on the boat a couple of years back :-<. And on a purely functional level, the chargers for my phone and my camera :|.

Turns out I'm not really that bothered about pretty much anything else... Probably 'cos there wasn't all that much else :). Except for the cap... And the next GRRM book I was planning to start with soon, seeing that I'm almost done with book 2. And my Kiwi flip-flops... :) It's just that when you spend so much of your time with a few things... well, I should go get me some clothes and stuff I guess :-<.

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histrionix said...

Sad. I remember helping to buy that wristwatch I think. Seems like when there's less stuff, there's more attachment per object.

Live and learn.

Anu said...

So you didn't get it all back?!

Anonymous said...

That's so sad :(
I'll definitely freak out if I lose my bag in transit...and I guess I'll be pretty sad through out the trip cos you know for us ladies, we always stuff our bags with all sorts of make-ups and bodycare products...which we seemly can't do

Anyways the good thing is that they've found your bag...