Sunday, 24 August 2008


I guess the whole missed crew change and the bag thing kinda overshadowed the rest. Come to think of it, it wasn't an altogether uninteresting trip back to the boat. As I was flying the same route I'd done a few months back, I had my cam out while flying into Istanbul, unfortunately, there was no flying low over the Bosphorus this time :-<.Once inside the airport though, I immediately recognised the chap at the transfer desk :|. I was not happy at all. And in almost an exact repetition of what happened the last time, he was confounded by my two passports, with the requisite visa being in the old one. He proceeded to rant and rave to no one in particular, in Turkish, I imagine. But every time I asked him if there was a problem or if I could help, he maintained everything was fine /:). Eventually, again as on the previous occasion, one of the others at the desk had to help him out :|. In the process he somehow managed to let the paper with my baggage tag fly off. In retrospect, it was a good thing I took the time to make him find the darn thing :|.
And on the way back, caught the work boat out while we landed on the Trident. I think the photo brings out a nice comparison of sizes. The work boat happens to be that tiny little blip with a wake, to the right in the pic :). Speaking of which, I've probably had more launches already in the last 10 days than in the last few trips combined together! Yay! :D The sad part is, most of the time the weather's really been more on the marginal side of things than anything.

Bolli's sudden enthusiasm for resuscitating his blog seems to have worked as a reminder for me to actually get down to putting down the Italy story in writing. Before all the good stuff sublimates off of my memory :|. Did get all the pics done. Well, short-listed at least (unfortunately, not quite as short a list as I'd like :|). Now for the writing...

This trip officially sucks :(. Certain changes on the boat over the last few months finally seem to have taken a toehold. Changes that leave me in an awkward position :(. More so as I begin to slowly understand the ramifications... Time will tell. But the shine is finally off my hitherto lofty image of the Western Trident :-<. Three years, eleven days.

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