Tuesday, 2 September 2008


Heh, the major relief was that all the characters I felt particularly attached to still have their heads attached to their bodies :). Yes, I'm done with book two of A Song of Ice and Fire. It would seem that it has taken me three months to finish it, but that's not to say I found it a slow read! It's just that I haven't had that much time to read of late. When I did get the time, it went pretty quick!

Anyway, now it's on to my latest acquisition, Nick Hornby's A Long Way Down. The story behind it is that I was carrying another Hornby, my copy of High Fidelity, to read after the GRRM, but that was in the bag. Correction, is in the bag. I am still aware of the bag's whereabouts :|. (And am still hopeful of getting it back... some day :-<.) So when I lost the bag and there were barely a 100 pages to go till the end of A Clash of Kings, I figured I needed a backup.

Against all expectation, I did find a copy of Hi-Fi in Perth.... but then I figured... you know. If I buy the book, and then get back the bag, then I'll have 2 copies. And if I don't get it back, there'll be that little niggling suspicion that my other copy found out... and somehow conspired with the baggage handlers :|. I don't know, I'm a little superstitious-ish about these things :|. So I went and bought the only other Hornby in the store :).

Turns out you don't suddenly feel all mature and shit, like some people seem to imply :|. I mean, really, it's just another day :). I find the thought quite uplifting :D.

Feeling: better
Listening to: Etro Anime - Portrait


Anu said...

"Quart", eh? Clever :)
And I hope this means you like the song!

kray said...

:D :D thank u!

and yes!! heaps! :)