Saturday, 6 September 2008

Swearing, as in a grammar lesson

=)))))) ROTFLMAO

Right, so this is scary-but-fun incident time. Remember all those situations where you knew, well, almost knew that what you were about to do might not turn out to be all on the up and up? You make a call, and it turns out to be a wee bit scary. But also a whole lot of fun!! :D Yeah, well, guess what? Responsibility takes a lot of the fun out of it :|. Anyway, in this particular case, my conscience is clear, so the fun was full on :). You go out in the boat, and the weather takes a turn for the worse! So what do you do? You try getting back to the ship, only, the weather's too rough for that too!! So that's when the fun begins, you go over to the chase boat, and start playing hide and seek with the waves :D. Meaning, you try to hide from the worst of the swell by taking cover behind the chase boat, which, being as small as it is, doesn't really offer all that much :P. It's really awesome fun, trust me!! Unless you are out in the work boat for the first time and never expected to have to deal with this much bouncing around :). Any guesses as to which one of the lot in the photo above I'm talking about? Not to worry, before long we were all back on the Trident, safe and sound, maybe a little wetter than usual :D.
--I officially love A Long Way Down! And I'm not even finished yet! (Well, left the last few pages for the flight back to Perth. If I can manage to resist finishing it off by, like, tomorrow :|.) It is absolutely hilarious!! Well, there are bits that are absolutely hilarious that is. I go so far as to recommend it to anyone who'd listen :). Can't wait to get my hands on High Fidelity when I get back to land, one way or another!

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histrionix said...

Sorry to be a pest, but I think you misspelt grammar :P

kray said...

:P oops!

in my defence, I was half asleep... as usual :D