Monday, 20 October 2008

Fish out of water!

With the number of people sitting/ standing/ walking around you in any given airport, you might be surprised at exactly how little attention any of these people are giving others. Or not, I suppose. But it does set me back just a little bit.Not all bad though. 'Cos when I'm done struggling to keep the paroxysms of laughter (welling up in almost tsunami-like waves, thanks to random bits of High Fidelity) absolutely silent and restricted to a quiet, uncontrollable shuddering, I look up to see no shocked or otherwise perplexed faces :P.

The aforementioned pearl of wisdom was gained while waiting at the over-crowded terminal for my 12 hour leg from Frankfurt to Singapore. And as is shockingly often the case with Lufthansa, there was no in-seat entertainment. A middle seat and a neighbour spilling out of his seat pretty much rounded up the misery :|.Finished off with the book though! And now I'm left with only the next GRRM unread, so I suppose I'll get around to it sometime. The night in Singapore before heading out the the boat was nice. We headed down-town for dinner, and came across these festively lit streets.
And starting Saturday it was a headlong plunge into madness!! We landed up on the boat which was already dry in a floating dock. Quite a bewildering and utterly confusing state of affairs. At least for the first day or so. By now some sort of method has appeared to it. Hopefully though, we'll be done with it soon enough, and I'll get some awesome photos of the boat as it gets floated again :).
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