Monday, 13 October 2008

A trip long overdue

This has turned out to be the longest of my recent trips to Norway. And last weekend, finally, I decided to tag along with a couple of others to go see bits of Oslo. I suppose I should admit here that somehow or other I've never managed to garner much regard for Oslo as a destination :|. That has nothing to do with prior experience though. The one time I did take the trouble of going, around Christmas '05, it was pretty nice, all lit up and snow-white and what not. It's just that given the choice between a nice sleep-in on Saturday (or Sunday) morning and a trip to Oslo, I'd pick the sleep-in ten times out of ten :P.But, early Saturday afternoon, having already slept-in all morning, and with clear blue skies, things looked quite optimistic! And then we ran into Elvis :P. There seemed to be some sort of free food fair as well. Though most of the stuff was getting over my the time we got there :(.
For most of the rest of the evening it was just a matter of heading for whatever seemed somewhat interesting. Which inevitable led us to the waterfront. And the Akershus Fortress. Unfortunately, we couldn't find the main entrance :P. Yeah, well, we weren't really looking that hard anyway :).
Dinner helped dissipate the niggling feeling that I was slowly but surely losing the tips of my fingers and ears and nose to the suddenly chilly evening! (On a side note, most of the food here's the kind that'll keep even the mildly diet-conscious constantly on their toes. No wonder every gym in sight (and there's a fair few even in quiet, sparsely populated Asker) seems full almost all the time! Which almost makes you walk just a little bit slower while passing in front of the bunch vigorously working out behind the glass wall, with your massive take-away pizza box :D.)
I should really get on with these photos! I'm beginning to get just plain lazy now :|. Oh!! My old laptop's all fixed and working! Unfortunately I'm back to grumbling about how slow it is :|.

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