Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Contemplating dark clouds on a bright day.

There was a time when the first small boat trip with a new camera would have been a seriously big deal... Well, yesterday I took my 870 out. I'm getting used to the big screen, I think :). Something that even this somewhat more cynical and jaded me cannot help but think of as a big deal, is the arrival of another WG boat close by! And no less than the current fleet flagship, the only one larger than the Trident :).
M/V Geco Eagle
Right, so the first week's gone in a hurry, and suddenly it's almost Christmas Eve! It seems while I've been busy, plans are being made for some sort of celebrations... Let's see how that goes.... I could do with a bit of cheer :|. Despite nothing being particularly terribly wrong, I can feel this trip going rather badly :-<. Somewhat unusually, I'm envying all the people getting to be at home over New Year's Eve... I must say though, the nice weather's a welcome change. And the boat rides everyday tend to provide a bit of an escape.

Feeling: not happy
Listening to: Moby - Everyday it's 1989

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