Sunday, 7 December 2008

Half a wedding, a 450D and Nina Simone

I'm back home, and there's stuff to write about :). First a bit of groaning though :|. I seem to be having like the worst luck with flights lately! For one, I've gone 3 months or so without a single flight with in-seat video! (And that includes quite a few 10+ hour flights! Which were all on Lufthansa, unfortunately :-<.) And to add to the string of woes, both the crafts on my longer legs this time were probably a good deal older than me and consequently, not the most comfortable :-<.
Once I did get back though, I was just in time for the wedding! The first of my closest bunch of friends from school was getting married :). There weren't too many of us who could make it, unfortunately. Some even from the not-so-far-away cities here couldn't make it. Makes you think I was lucky to be there eh?! :D It'd been absolutely ages since I'd been to a full-on Bong wedding! So that part of it was pretty cool. But of course you quickly realize how hard they make it with all the rituals and what not :|. I'm definitely hoping to be able to make it to the other part in Asansol tomorrow though :).--

Right, this part of the story has been some time in the making :D. Back when we were in Singapore, tied up alongside, I'd made a few forays into the camera and lens shops downtown. The first piece of information that I caught me by surprise (the whooping in joy kind :D) was that the latest Tamron lens, announced not so long ago, was actually available in the shops!! The next piece of news wasn't so good. These lenses were notoriously hard to find :|. What made it worse was over a few trips it became painfully obvious that even though one might manage to get one of these lenses with a Nikon mount, one with a Canon mount was pretty much impossible to get :(. I was planning to use it with an EOS! Oh, and why that particular lens? Find out here.

Despite my usual misgivings about online buying (I'm the kind that actually wants to see the object before taking ownership) I ended up registering on e-bay. And sure enough! The Tamron 18-270mm VC was available, with a Canon mount! I wasn't nearly done though. The whole payment thing became way too confused and irritating, and I had to resort to seeking help from more seasoned online buyers :). Then of course it was just a matter of chewing my nails while I waited for the elusive lens to show up at home!

In the mean time, I chose not to buy a camera body :|. Don't ask me why. But halfway through my stay in Asker my mum told me that a little box had arrived from Hong Kong! So now I had the lens but no body for it!! Thankfully I got just what I wanted on my way out in Oslo, so I did actually lay hands on my camera body before I got to the lens :D.Now of course, I'll have to actually get around to making good use of the thing. And at a bit over a kilo, it's not really easing my luggage worries any....

Currently: tired, still! (alternatively, already :-<)
Listening to: Moby - La Meme Nuit

ps: Was pleasantly surprised by the kind of music I managed to lay hands on at the local CD store!!


Hemamalini said...

Ok, with the comp also in, it makes the backpack insanely heavy. Atleast by my power levels :P

Yana said...

Such are the sacrifices that have to be made as a DSLR owner..hihih

With an awesome camera comes great possibilities of having a bad back and bad posture =P

kray said...

:)) yup, tho what I'm struggling to deal with is that AND no check-in bag :|

Sriram P said...

how does that big camera work with Indian customs?? do u have keep the receipt everytime u travel or they harass u for it? i heard one friend had to pay duy for takin it in and out..
and whats Nina Simone got to with the post, i wonder ;)