Thursday, 18 December 2008


Will keep this brief. Tired. Hopelessly. Made it to Frankfurt. Tailed some people down town. German beer rocks. So does my 870IS :). Christmas fairs are awesome. Especially almost-boiling gluweine and spiced up hot dogs :D.Flight to Luanda sucked. Luanda was strange. I'm stuck here for a whole year :|. I think. More new faces. Even less familiar faces. The usual. The break's catching up with me. I need a proper holiday. Soon.Love the zoom on the Tamron. The speed of the 450D. Need to work on exposure though :|. Moby rocks. Got some more :). Finally!!! The Atlantic is dirtier than the Indian :P. Oceans: 4 down 1 to go :).

Currently: sinking into oblivion
Listening to: Moby - Temptation


Anu said...

Hehehehe :)
This has to be one of my favourite posts!
Poor you, though. You sound goddofully dead...

prajna said...

you need holiday ... come to beautiful california ..

kray said...

@ anu: :) tell me about it... getting better tho, off the back deck... now to get this show on the road :-<

@ prajna: :D I wish!!