Thursday, 22 January 2009

As the Magnum Opus slithers away...

Not everyone can tell a story right. In fact not even the ones that can tell stories can tell all stories right. But every now and then a story will tell itself. And no matter how bad the telling might turn out, the story may still shine through. Not often though.

More often than not the scratches and scars are more obvious than the dull brightness glowing through. And I figure what's the point? The ugly will show itself anyway. And once it shows itself, that is all that remains. The rest, the beauty, fades into the inconsequential transitory stain of water from the melted snow.
Am I gonna be alright?
No I'm not gonna be alright
Nothin' is alright now
Am I gonna see the sun come up?
Or am I goin' down?
'Cause everyday I'm here
All I feel is sheer
Feeling: old, cold, under the -OH influence and incoherent
Listening to: Eels - Agony

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