Saturday, 31 January 2009

Grey to Black!

Another retirement. This was merely a loan, but since I'd had it for over three and a half years, I suppose I'd come to a sort of grudging understanding with my Latitude D610. I'm happy to say however, it's no longer mine. As much as I loved to hate it, there was still a slight hesitation before I wiped it clean of almost all traces of my use.The replacement comes in the shape of a significantly sharper looking and obviously much faster E6400. What with 4 G of RAM instead of the paltry 1/2 G in my 610 :|. The only unfortunate part so far has been that it's come loaded with Vista instead of the tried and tested XP. Oh well, one can't have everything I suppose. It's definitely time to move on.

The ambient light sensing automatic keyboard back-lighting, the integrated web-cam, microphone and SD/SDHC card reader and other, somewhat more important things like reduced weight and dimensions are of course not to be ignored either.And to go with it, I finally managed to lay my hands on just the kind of backpack I'd been looking for, a Crumpler :). Of course the longer story of my visit to Oslo and how it wasn't one but three new Crumpler bags that walked out of the store this morning will be told in due time :).

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Anu said...

Nice piccies, both! :D
Mail will come, promise. Yuo can guess why I've disappeared. Hellish busy-ness... again!

kray said...

ah, there you are!!!