Sunday, 25 January 2009

White weekend

It is unbelievable how many crime thriller type serials there are on weekend TV here! Everywhere I suppose. That's the other thing. No matter where you are, TV in English is almost all the same.

Anyway, by the looks of it, I blew a perfect weekend for skiing :-<. Not entirely my fault if you ask me, honestly! Too many people cancelled. I suppose it wasn't their fault either, not entirely... At least the weekend wasn't a complete waste :). I finally got myself a pair of proper boots for this weather. (Yes, my sneakers can heave a huge sigh of relief.) Now for the back-pack. Know where to look for the perfect thing. Just hope I do find it. Unfortunately, I'll have to wait till next weekend :|. Oh yeah, saw a properly frozen river on the way :).

Currently: hating the coming Monday morning :|
Listening to: Craig Armstrong - Angelina


Sriram P said...

have u checked out the frozen fjords yet? Its in sandvika by the sea side.. usually the safe places are marked off with a boundary with xmas tresss... u can walk or skate on the icy fjords by the pier.. quite an experience...

kray said...

oh! just missed it then, this pic is from Sandvika. well, I'll be heading there again later in the week, so there's more opportunity!