Monday, 16 February 2009

Quiet times

It's been a bit over a week since I got home. And it was a nice week, you know, the kind when you can happily lie low. Vegetate, almost :). Peace and quiet. Of course there were interruptions. But they were so few as to not even bear mention. I did make the visit to Shantiniketan, but it was a less than 24 hr kinda thing, so I was back before I knew it.I was almost beginning to get that good feeling, the comfortably settling in feeling, the relaxed feeling. I say I was, because even though I don't leave till tomorrow night, it's already long gone. Flights, visas, papers, packing... the usual. The end of peace and quiet :-<. Oh well, it was awesome while it lasted :).

I'm beginning to think, what with this almost perfectly peaceful (albeit truncated) break and the rather fun time at the office, this year might hold some promise :). We shall see. In the mean time, it's back to Angola, way too early for crew-x. God only knows what I shall do in Luanda for 2 full days :|. Oh well..

Feeling: rested, almost :)
Listening to: Explosions In The Sky - First breath after coma


Yana said...

Hehe, the year is also going off to a pretty decent start for me too!

Looking forward to what else '09 has in store. :D

2 days in Luanda? Ouch!

kray said...

same as u girl, same as u :D. see u in Addis Ababa, or have u changed flights?