Tuesday, 24 February 2009


Oh boy, it's been a few days now, but I'm still fuming!!! But the seething and the fire and brimstone and all that is finally losing some of the steam built up over the 5 days it took for me to finally get to the boat! This has got to be absolutely the worst crew change I've had! I think I'll leave it at that. Of course, the really scary bit is that with well over 6 more months to go here, I might be revising that evaluation on a regular basis :|.--

Onto other things, I finally decided to give the Song of Ice and Fire books a bit of a rest. Seeing how I really wasn't getting anywhere with the third book. Instead, I started with Asimov's Robot novels, something I've been planning to do for quite a while now! I'm already onto the second one, having finished The Caves of Steel, mostly waiting in airports. Actually thinking of leaving the second one for the travel on the way out, seeing how I only brought the two books.

I wish Mickey Rourke had won the Best Actor Oscar :). Having watched that pretty awesome acceptance speech of his at the Baftas, this might have been interesting :P. As for Slumdog, I guess I'm happy they won the lot, but I'm still wondering if it was really that good! What am I thinking?! These are the Oscars, when has actual merit had anything to do with who wins? :D

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