Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Black hole sun

Good things, unfortunately, don't last forever. Or even four weeks :|. One interesting thing that broke the monotony was this special visit to the boat by some big-wigs.
The rest of it, though interesting, wasn't exactly nice. Thanks to the Congo river, that flows into the ocean not far from where we are, every day some massive chunk of fishing gear gets caught up in our spread and makes life miserable :|. Add to that the last few boat trips. Caught in thunderstorms, with lightning strikes way too close for comfort, pelting rain and clouds so dark you can hardly see a mile. Working 10 kilometres away from the boat can feel more than a little bit like floating about in the middle of the ocean in a little dingy with nothing else in sight from horizon to horizon :S.

But that's not even all of it, we're getting close to crew change, and now it's beginning to get really interesting! Guess who's coming to Luanda precisely at the time when we are supposed to be travelling through the place? The Pope! I mean come-on!! Isn't it hard enough already without more complications thrown in?!!!

Over the last couple of crew changes I've spent 6 hours and a day respectively in the hell hole that is Soyo. Going by that progression, I'm looking at the distinct possibility of something incredibly uncomfortable :-<.
-- Some things need to be kept in check. 'Cos once they are out in the open, all hell can break loose. Almost every morning, as I try to force myself awake, a question keeps hammering inside my dazed, sleepy, head. It has been doing this for the better part of three years now. Lately though, I've been tempted to entertain the thought. Big mistake :|. Or not. Anyway, there are now a thousand more battling for attention :-<. Can insubstantial thoughts build up impenetrable walls?

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