Sunday, 22 March 2009

Good sunrises can be pretty effective anti-depressants. Much like chocolate and ice-cream. We've had a few nice ones this trip. (Not chocolates and ice-cream :|. Now that we have been in Angola for 4 months supplies have dwindled to nothing and we aren't even getting vegetables, so those aren't exactly a priority.) I haven't been able to catch most, thanks to a variety of reasons, but the couple I did get were quite effective :). Even though the effects were short lived...Unfortunately, the last couple of days clouds have messed things up somewhat. And today being crew-change day, well, let's say morale isn't particularly high. This, given that it is indeed crew-change off! Let me explain. A few days back we were informed that this crew change has been 'indefinitely postponed'. Apparently due to unavoidable reasons. Given the circumstances and the sanctity of crew change schedules, there are those that question the unavoidability, so to speak, of said reasons :|. To summarize, everyone's way pissed off. Me included X-(.Yup, the water spout landed up right on sync with the mood on the vessel. First live one I've seen, by the way. Wouldn't want to get caught under one of those while out in the 25' work boat :|.
These last few times out in the small boat though, the weather's been quite nice. That's the one thing they say is good about West Africa, and when it's true, the sea's almost mirror calm! The only other place I've seen it this flat was offshore Myanmar. That was a while back.... Oh and now I've settled with my EOS as the full time 'on-board' camera and the IXUS as exclusively the 'boating' camera :).
Oh well, so no one's got a clue as to when we might actually get out of here this time. I might even miss out on my first planned weekend of snowboarding :-<. In the mean time I'm almost done with season 7 of Scrubs, and having just gone through the first six seasons, again, this trip, I'm feeling a little bit let down. It's just not as funny! :( This trip started off with such promise. Now it's all ending terribly :-<.

Currently: extremely bummed :(
Listening to: Aqualung - Strange and beautiful


Hemamalini said...

What is a water spout?

kray said...

one of those tornado type things that suck water up from the sea and create tall spinning liquid columns from the surface up to the clouds...

the photo shows the spout just beginning to break up..