Sunday, 12 April 2009

Awesomeness :)

It is ironic that the first time I went snowboarding was the very first weekend of this season at the Tryvann Vinterpark, and this, the last weekend before it closes again for 7 or 8 months, might prove to be the last time for me too. For a while at least. Chances of me being here next time around are not exactly high, to put it mildly.
So yeah, I finally made it, despite the surge in temperature lately, and despite the rain. The weather was actually quite nice, the sun playing hide and seek with clouds that otherwise left the bright blue sky largely unmasked :). Seeing how there arent exactly a whole lot of people here this time, plus this being Easter weekend and what not, there were eventually only three of us who made it. One of them a complete newbie.I am now quite proud of myself as a snowboarding basics instructor :D. Okay, maybe the guy was a slumbering snowboarding genius, but seeing how I was the one that managed to instruct him to a fair degree of skill in a mere 5 hours, I'm taking all the credit :P.For some vague reason Tryvann had decided to shut shop at 5pm instead of the usual 10pm. So even though I managed to drag myself out of bed at the unearthly hour of 8am (this is a Sunday morning, I'm not on the boat!!) and out of the house an hour later, and we were suited up and ready to roll (ahem, slide) at a little bit past 11, we still had less than 6 hours!! And boy did we make good use of that time! :)
I think I definitely am getting better at this :D. By the end of it, I'd even managed to figure out how to get off of the chair lift without ending up in a complete tangle. I was still raring to go for at least a few more rounds of the easier slopes. And this, after we'd done about a gazillion different combinations of the million different interconnected slopes they have :D. As it is, we weren't the very last people on the lifts, but it was a close thing :).
And as alway, I left wishing that I could get some more of it. The absolute quiet as we were carried back up on the lifts. The roar as I'd thunder down on a particularly ambitious slope, gathering some speed. The clamour inside my head as I continuously hurtled on on the edge, every little twitch keeping me up, or throwing me over :). You hardly ever hear the quiet as you charge down the hillside :D. Oh well, who knows, maybe I'll get to put those ski-pants to some more use one of these days...

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