Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Letters to the void.

The notion of peace of mind has had several varying avatars in my mind over the years. For the first time though, I had to accept my Dad's take on it today. I usually don't directly accept his take on anything quite without qualification, as a matter of course :).
Does it become easier to expect others to accept what you accept of yourself? The reference is obviously not to the trivial situation when there would be no trouble for anyone to accept... whatever. Instead, to all those things one would not imagine to be quite readily acceptable. But where such non-acceptance appears at least somewhat unjustified.
--You can probably only truly tell if you are at ease (peace? not necessarily,) with yourself, life, love and everything considered, when said life, you and everything have all slowed down to a point where the surrounding static has wound down to a whisper. Longer-than-usual breaks are good for that :). As long as you are, indeed, at ease that is. Otherwise they can lead to an intensifying of the unease....
Some things in the past are best never forgotten. And others that can't be. It would appear, though, that happiness is in striving not to forget, but to assimilate. The past with the present. Whatever surprises the future holds, few can be more... surprising, for lack of a more appropriate word, than the ones that bring up something of the past, hidden away, or forgotten.
Happiness, however, appears to be distinct from peace. Inside the mind or outside in the Universe. Sometimes I almost wish I could imagine, no, see (I do imagine,) the strings and webs stretching across space and time that would make everything make sense. Except for this tiny wrinkle, I do not believe.

Feeling: at ease...
Listening to: Aqualung - Easier to lie

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