Thursday, 16 April 2009

Midnight in an imperfect world

Sudden unexpected truths can have far-reaching effects. Heh, vague huh? :)The other night I couldn't sleep. Doesn't happen to me all that often, actually. I do honestly believe that sleep is one of those few things that could never possibly be over-rated. Of course, that also means that on those rare occasions when I fail to find sleep quickly, I tend to start panicking. Just a little bit :).

But there are times when other things seem more pressing. Like staring at yourself in a dark mirror realising that you never ever see yourself quite the way others do. (And vice versa.) And finding that a little saddening. Or feeling as if you are looking at a part of yourself you have avoided for a while. And failing to recognise it any more.I find it a lot more comforting to take long exposure pictures of the tiny blinking lights in your living room that only show up when all the rest is dark :).

Currently: bemused
Listening to: Craig Armstrong - Be still my soul


ANAGHA said...

Nice post!!!
N very true...
Sometimes the image in the mirror seems so obscure!!!

kray said...

:) thanks!