Thursday, 9 April 2009

On the importance of timing.

It's raining here a lot these days. Sadly. It was quite nice the first couple of days or so. Unfortunately that makes the possibility of going snowboarding rather remote. Good thing is the weekend forecast looks better.

Of course, even though I say weekend as though it's something remote, I've already spent one day of it. Yes, here it's a rather heavily extended weekend. Five days! And a half, Wednesday was a half day. No lunch at the canteen, and in case you didn't know that and weren't suitably prepared, you had to leave early or your stomach presented the potential problem of digesting itself :|. I of course, left well before that :). Even made use of the intervening time quite judiciously, catching up on about a month of insufficient sleep :D.I've recently noticed how specific activities can quite effectively be mapped by soundtrack. (Even though, given that songs are rarely of a uniform duration, it is only an approximate notion. Then again, we're not exactly doing time trials here.) Walk to and from work - 4 n a 1/2 songs. 3 n a 1/2 if it's raining, or if it's really really cold. 5 songs to the mall from work, 4 from my apartment. 5 - 6 songs for the grocery store, from when I'm through the gates to when I'm at the counter. Of course, the period from then on to when I'm out the door is somewhat more random.

My boss is on holiday. Have I mentioned? For the entire period that I'm here :|. Of course, had I known I'd probably have headed home straight from the boat. I'm not sure which is the more tempting scenario though, that I'm actually getting days off even when I'm on office time and will still have my proper time off regardless, or that I could just have gone home and taken it completely easy without the stray pangs of guilt that maybe I'm slacking off a bit, 'cos my boss is not here....

Aah, who cares!

Currently: sleepy :)
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