Monday, 20 April 2009

Summer is here

12 hours straight, and I'm satisfactorily de-zombified! Ah, it's good to be home :). I think I recover from lack of sleep somewhat more slowly these days... Getting old :(.

I actually had quite an easy trip back this time! Only the long stopover in Delhi, and the new terminal. Which I had to get to through what looked like miles of rubble, 'cos the bus driver didn't know that the new terminal was already operational! The terminal itself was quite nice though! Wi-Fi, power sockets, half decent food places open well past midnight!
I don't think I was looking at quite the same piece of geography while taking off from Oslo as I did on the way in, but it was still obvious that almost all the snow was either gone or soon about to disappear :-<.

Also worth a mention would be the fact that I finally got a PSP. Not a big fan of gaming on small screens... but the deal with NFS Undercover was kinda hard to pass by :P. It's surprisingly (and somewhat scarily) easy to end up spending way too much time on it :|. But hey, I'm on break! :D And so far I'm still supposed to be on break for the better part of three weeks, a first since the beginning of '08! So that's good. Should get some more reading done. Finished off the Asimov and started off with Slam. Almost done too! A Long Way Down remains my favourite Hornby. I like this one a fair way better than I liked How to be Good though :). The 'wizzing' into the future bits put me off a little to be honest... I think I'll carry on with Robots after this. I'm actually toying with the idea of getting some more Asimovs... We'll see when I'm through with the next 2 books.

hot and sweaty, it's 40 degrees in April!! :(
Listening to: Audioslave - Be yourself

Edit: See now that's exactly why I usually wouldn't go ahead and say something about a book before I'd actually finished :|. But how was I to know that right up to the end of chapter 18 it wasn't going to be all that and right there, between the end of 18 and the end of 20 it would all get better?! Anyway, just to clarify, A Long Way Down is still my favourite Nick Hornby. But now this one's gone past High Fidelity and well, while it's not past About a Boy, it's quite close :).

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