Sunday, 26 April 2009

An unexpected newcomer

It's really wonderful how awesome very surprising, good news can make you feel, even momentarily at least :). Could put you in a proper good mood :). Of course you still have to avoid messing it up in under 2 minutes flat :|.Not that I need any particular reason to be in a good mood these days :). The break's going quite nicely, despite the almost Sahara (or maybe Thar) - like weather, uncharacteristically dry and soaring Mercury levels. I'm done with most of my mandatory travelling and I've still got almost 2 weeks of break to go!! :D

Blissful joblessness :). I am, of course, aware that under the circumstances that's not necessarily a state one hopes will last overly long :|. Still, while it lasts the least one can do is enjoy it :). I think I've not been spending much time at home over the last year or so (like, DUH!! :|) Usually, I never actually get to this comfortable state without already having to worry about the next travel stuff!

Currently: at peace :)
Listening to: Barenaked Ladies - Pinch me

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