Thursday, 28 May 2009

A hole in the floor of heaven

I wish things would just happen and leave out the suspense and the build up and what not, you know?! Or just leave me out of it anyway. No, this is not leading to a specific incident related rant of any kind. Or any rant actually.A bunch of stuff's happened since I last hung out my thoughts to dry out here. I've been on a boat ride where I wasn't driving, for a change, and subsequently got very very wet. Then there was that little excursion to the back-deck. Which, though I ranted and raved about a fair bit, went quite peacefully. (Now we'll have to wait and see if I've just totally screwed it up for the rest of the trip or not.)
Fantasy football for the season is over, and I've finished with a very respectable 15th in the league. And guess what? I did sweet f***-all with my team for like 90% of the time >:)))). And of course now I'm rubbing it in the faces of all those who still claim that 'strategy' has anything to do with it :P.
Finally the F1 season's brought home something to write about. Ferrari's managed a podium, and Braun might just be feeling an outside hint of some pressure. Of course the fact the McLaren and Hamilton are languishing has been some source of joy, but not a whole lot. Hate all the drama over threats of pulling out of next year's championships and what not though!Then of course there was last night's thrashing of ManU by Barca :). Oh man! It was way out of my waking schedule, but I actually managed to wake up to the alarm... Just never made it out of my bunk :P. Oh well, I'm not sure why I'm this happy about it though, but I am :D.Oh! There's another TT tournament happening on the boat this trip :). So yeah, there's quite a lot of stuff going on. And then there's that other thing. As usual, all the caveats and ifs and maybes apply. But, if everything goes through, I should remember yesterday as the day the ball started rolling :). Maybe the latter half of this year will take an entirely unexpected turn :). We shall see. In the mean time, I'm really looking forward to leaving the boat early (compared to the majority of the rest of the crew) for the first time since my first-ever trip, back up in the Sea of Okhotsk, what now feels like a lifetime ago...

Currently: all kinds of hopeful :)
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Maria said...

Would the guy in the photo by any chance happen to be Phong?

kray said...

:) yes it is! how the hell do you know the back of his head so well? :D START school I suppose?