Sunday, 21 June 2009

Lily says get Chinese and watch TV, I say let's go get shot!

It's good to have a quiet weekend :). A lot of lost sleep caught up with :D. Plus the usual, went for the free concert in Oslo, got wet, waited a bit for the rain to stop in random restaurant with décor almost entirely in orange and a pale slightly sickly green. Got wet some more, beat a hasty retreat.

Slept. Decided to agree to an invitation to play volleyball. Realised we didn't have a volleyball. Went looking for one. Eventually ended up going for The Hangover instead. Realised that a lot of people didn't realise that this thing actually has a restricted viewing rating. Left the hall wondering what all those pre-teen kids thought about the film :P.

Got surprised by random kid very thoughtfully asking me out to some party. It was 1am. I decided to sleep instead.Watched Pirates at home, between a late breakfast and an early lunch. Managed to find the paint-ball shooting place we were supposed to go to in the middle of nowhere! Well, more like in the middle of a lot of woods and desolate rolling hills covered with farms and the occasional barn.
Had totally awesome, awesome fun playing UT style death-match rounds :D. Okay, it hurts :|. And I got taken out by accidental (yes, there's no way those two could possibly have actually aimed :D) headshots a couple of times. But it was a lot of fun :D. Also figured that we should not be given free reign on paint-balls. Total players: 8. Total ammo used: 2800.

Right. So I guess it wasn't really the usual then :P. Good weekend. What should we do next weekend?

Feeling: re-charged :)
Listening to: Lily Allen - Chinese


Yana said...

the bullets might not be 'real' but the pain sure enough is!


kray said...

:) thick baggy cover-alls help :D

Anu said...

Weekends like that are the bestest :) Pity they don't come by more often!
Ok, for me at least :-/

kray said...

you need a bunch of crazy/restless bored ppl around, the rest follows :D

Maria said...

I would say: You need a crazy/restless bored Kris Ray around, the rest follows