Friday, 12 June 2009

A pitch black blue sky

This is a new one :|. Today is crew change day. And I was supposed to leave. It's just that I didn't know for sure till a few minutes ago!! Good thing is, I am leaving :). Today. Still don't know any more than that.I am packed and ready to go, of course :D. There's a saying around these parts, if you aren't ready to leave the boat in a maximum of 10 minutes' notice, at any time, you like offshore too much. And that is not a good thing :).To think that there were times when the crew-x schedule had some sanctity to it. Would make sense wouldn't it? Seeing how it's something we practically live our lives by...
Oh well, at least it looks like it'll be nice and sunny in Asker when I land up Sunday afternoon. Plus, I'm staying at the same apartment as last time. Hopefully there will also be the usual bunch of people, all of whom I missed meeting last time, thanks to the spectacular fiasco that was the last crew change!

Currently: packed and ready :)
Listening to: Explosions in the sky - Six days at the bottom of the ocean

Edit: WOW! Just survived a massive scare!!!! I guess I'm not off of here till I'm actually off!! Not long now, one way or another...

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