Monday, 15 June 2009

Red is the colour, as it seeps through these clouds at night

I've been meaning to put this down, just keeps skipping off my mind. Ever notice those times when the conversation suddenly spawns too many threads. And just the way I always hate it, the threads that never get finished, are the ones that end up gnawing at my mind. Always the more interesting. Or is it just 'cos I never found out where they were going? If I were to get to the ends, would I find them as enticing? Okay, I hadn't really thought this out that far...
Everybody wants you to be special
And everybody wants you to be high.
Does such a thing as too many contradictions exist? A lot of emotions nullifying each other in curiously inexplicable ways. Or are they merely draining your heart out? Leaving it feeling a little bit empty.
And everybody wants to see you fall
That's why they always love to get you high
It never does really all add up. That one's a fact :). Good thing too.
Back to Asker in summer. Quite a full circle. Or not. I'm better at some things now, that I'm not too sure it's good to be good at...

Currently: horizontally inclined
Listening to: Ryan Adams - The rescue blues


Maria said...

Why through all the nonsense above i feel like i understand what you're trying to say??

kray said...