Tuesday, 14 July 2009

500, 20 and other meaningless numbers

Back on the boat. Almost feels like I was hardly away at all! And now life seems to present less to talk about. Naturally. It is the middle of winter here. And while that doesn't exactly imply cold in particular, the eternally overcast sky and the generally gloomy atmosphere does induce the occasional shiver. Add to that the unnaturally low temperatures in the instrument room :|. I absolutely definitely miss the Norwegian summer :-<. It is hardly surprising therefore, that I'm not posting any pics from here. I haven't taken any. Five days on-board already! Almost a week. With this supposedly a 4 week trip, it might be over pretty quick! However, I did say supposedly. And that wasn't just casually dropped into that sentence :(.
Went bowling on my last day in Asker :). My first time outside of a Wii :P. Was quite thrilled therefore to have achieved two things, managing one legitimate strike, and finishing not last in one out of three times :D. Have I mentioned? My iPod earphones finally decided to go phutt soon after I got off the boat last time, after 3 years of fairly loyal and rather hectic service :). Good thing I'd got one of those noise cancelling Sony in-ear thingies last time on the boat! Air-travel will be a little more peaceful from now on.
And since I now have it in writing, it is official, no office rotations for the near future. Said future spanning at least 6 months. So as it turns out, that last day in Asker will be the last for some time to come. How long exactly? We shall have to wait and see. I did leave a couple of bags with a friend there, so if nothing else, I will return some day to pick those up :). On the way out, managed to snap this. Turns out it covers the entire area I have ever walked to in and around Asker, the lake, the fjord, the office, apartments, pretty much everything...
I know, it doesn't look like much :). But I will miss the place. New places await I guess... I hope. Beginning this time when I get off this boat. For the twentieth time.

Currently: wondering if I should dare to hope
Listening to: Zero 7 - In the waiting line


Anu said...

Love what you're (were!) listening to.
Also love 1729 and 1770. Finse?

Maria said...

wherever you go afterwards, make sure you pass by Cairo and/or Trondheim sometime, you're always welcome at our (me+Erik) place :)

kray said...

@ anu: :) I should send you the Garden State soundtrack... wait, I think I already have :D and yeah, 1770 is probably around Finse, but the other one's closer to Voss, I think...

@ maria: wow! fancy seeing u here :) I will definitely keep your offer in mind! :)