Tuesday, 21 July 2009


Another week's gone by, and it's still going by pretty quick! Although without much by way of memorable events :). With one strong exception, the whale sighting. The difference from the hundreds of previous times? See for yourself.I wish the light was a little better though! Too many blurry 'action' shots :D.

Due to a rather annoying turn of events, I'm back on a top bunk in a shared cabin for the first time since... Can't remember actually!! Over a year I suppose! Takes a little getting used to, the fact that the floor is a lot further away, when I'm crawling out of my bunk, having just been brought to a rather jarred and thoroughly incomplete wakefulness by the alarm right next to my ear (that I'm used to having at least a couple of metres away :|). At least there's more head-room and I won't be banging my head every day when I wake up :).

And here's hoping for miracles (the kind where things don't go all wrong at the last gasp) :).

Currently: floating, barely
Listening to: Audioslave - Drown me slowly


Maria said...

I know all about that upper bunk, have been living on it for a year.
minuses: Far from the ground, it's an exercise to get in/out.
Pluses though: Headroom...absolutely. And in my cabin it's just the perfect level to watch my TV (which looks slightly darker from the couch :D). And i can use the top of the closet as a shelf :D cool!

kray said...

:) well, good for you, but there's neither a TV in this cabin, nor a conveniently located closet :-<

Anu said...

You spoiled peeps! TV's in cabins!! *gasp*
Pic is gorjiss!