Monday, 28 September 2009

Peace and quiet - listening to the pelicans swoop and the little waves splash the bow

I'm sort of half-way between bored and comfortably content :). This place is great!! Of course it helps that we have almost nothing to do :D. Be that as it may, there's always something or other keeping me that one step away from proper full-on boredom :).For example, there was the trip to the beach :). Friday morning some of us managed to get the morning off, and headed up to the monastery on top of the hill I'd mentioned the other day! The view all around was quite spectacular... I just wish there hadn't been that annoying haze obscuring the distant horizon.
Next stop was the beach on Boca Grande, a newer part of town with all the tall posh skyscrapers and what not. The trouble usually in these places is the sheer number and persistence of the hawkers! I quite smartly avoided all of that by staying in the water for the entire time, bobbing on the waves, occasionally dodging the big one rearing up to crash on top of us :).But for that one foray off the boat, I've stayed in. Too many trips into town would have been detrimental to the general state of health I think :P. So in the mean time, I managed to finish up with The Golem's Eye. Yes, it wasn't as fantastic as the first one, maybe, but I loved it nonetheless. Now I'm moving on to Ptolemy's Gate. It's just too hard to resist :). I can always get something else to read on the way back!
All in all the week's gone by pretty nicely. Honestly, I'm in no hurry to sail off, and neither, it seems, are the powers that be :P.

Currently: anchored!
Listening to: Ingrid Michaelson - Corner of your heart

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