Wednesday, 30 September 2009

A real vacation! Take III - Afterthoughts

It's not like I have anything much left that needs saying about that trip :). But you know, a fair bit has happened since, it's been almost about as hectic as it always is :)). And when things did occur to me, there wasn't necessarily the time to think them through.

I'm planning another trip by the way, well, sort of. Don't know if it'll work out. But it'll be nice if it does. Here and there, bits and bobs around the West Indies. Places I don't need a new visa for :). The low key kinda stuff. Yup, I'm beginning to really warm to this no office during break deal :D.

I'm glad this trip's turned out like this so far though. Helps to calm things down a bit. And not in the enforced, lid screwed on top of boiling pot kinda way. Actually letting things slow down a bit. On their own. Now there's a thought. It's called not over-cooking it. I wish I was better at it.

Too bad we got shooed off the jetty though. Right when I'd decided I should go get a new pair of sneakers to leave on the boat! My old Nike Air's are just literally falling apart now :-<. I really like those shoes though, it's a shame I never managed to find another pair quite like them...

It is a good feeling, to know you are missed :). Sad, a little bit, maybe, but nonetheless true.

salty (from an unexpected, and unexpectedly fun, boat trip!)
Listening to: DJ Shadow - What does your soul look like, Part 3

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