Thursday, 3 September 2009

Real world blues

As it turns out, my relaxing holiday was over right about when I stepped on that first flight out. (I still managed to have a pretty good time that last day, despite running around trying to send off my Colombian visa application. Yes, I was doing that even before I left the US. But we will not go into that here.)

Turns out that a 16 hour flight, a 6 hour stop-over centred around midnight local time, and then another 5 hour flight that drops you off early in the morning, again, by local time, isn't the best recipe to feel all fresh and bubbly at the end of it :|. (I can't sleep on flights, remember? Unless I'm otherwise hammered that is, of course.) Add to that a couple of hundred k's of driving. (Albeit in the new, much better, car that my mum drives around these days. Oh yeah, I drive my mum's car when I'm in Cal. Have I mentioned? I'll go into the several levels of irony involved, but again, at another time.) End result? I had the worst case of jet-lag in, like, forever!!! I was actually falling asleep while practically in the middle of conversations!!!

All for a good cause though :). I figured, whatthehell, I'd missed out on 18, 20, 21 and 25... may as well enjoy what I did get :). I drew the line at candles though :P.

The next few days did little to completely resolve the matter of semi-zombie-fication. Too many late nights and early mornings :-<. And then there was the new passport I had to go apply for today. Why they make you feel like you've made the biggest mistake in your life by seeking an Indian passport, I'll never know X-(. But nine hours and several seemingly interminable, on occasion rain splattered and definitely unnecessarily convoluted queues later, I was left feeling somewhat paradoxically glad that I can't go pick it up tomorrow. I have to wait till Monday. Yay :|. (Imagine suitable version of a very very tired attempt at a wide-ish grin here.)

That of course means that I'll miss my flights out to Trinidad and instead, maybe go join the boat straight in Colombia. Ah yes, we are headed to South America next :). I think I'll like the extra couple of days, just try and pack in as much sleep as I can :). And maybe get around to uploading some of those photos from the trip :P.

still jet-lagged! or is it just queue-lagged?
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Hemamalini said...

Owhh Happy Birthday!! :D

Frik, this post reminded me of another thing i had totally forgotten - getting a new passport (checking it reveals 3 sides :P) Phew.

And so you did the US trip finally! :)

kray said...

:) thank you!

heh, I figured it's roughly about two years, how long one booklet lasts that is :P

yup, finally! better late than never hey :P