Thursday, 22 October 2009


The waves are crashing on the white sands five feet away from my feet. There's a bunch of people surfing on the oh-so-blue waves as they crash into foaming white. And those crashing waves are drowning out the music playing on my laptop. Which seems to be a thing of great interest to a white dog with a red and green collar that has a little Union Jack in the shape of a dog bone and a red heart hanging from it.
I've just spent the entire morning under those blue waters, gaping, as best as I could around my scuba regulator, at the most majestic thing I've seen yet, underwater that is. The wreck of the RMS Rhone. It's way too hot, or I'd be back in the water, on the beach-front of our spot on the northern coast of Tortola, instead of whiling the afternoon away, staring at it :).

Awesomeness. That should be a word if it isn't. And this is it. :)

PS: Love the way the really huge waves start off as just a shadow... and then keep rearing their heads higher and higher and higher...

Currently: on holiday :)
Listening to: waves crashing over Craig Armstrong's piano


Hemamalini said...

If its way too hot wouldn't it be better back in the water rather than staring at it? :P
Nice pic :)

kray said...

in the sun, I should have said... and since I couldn't stay sufficiently submerged, especially with all the rocks... I figured I'd rather stare :P