Thursday, 29 October 2009

Oh Nat!

So the holiday finally wound down. Got to the point where we'd almost had enough of diving for a bit :). Took a fair while to get back though! All of 5 flights. But in that time I finally managed to finish up with Ptolemy's Gate.

I'd been getting the feeling that things were looking a bit darker with old Bartimaeus as the books went by. You know, the first one's really hilarious. The second one, still quite funny, but with a generous dose of darker stuff. The last one.. well, what can I say. It was awesome, but I wouldn't call it funny.

See, now I'm a sucker for happy endings. Unfortunately, this wasn't it. I'm sure there have been a whole bunch I've read that are much more heartbreaking etcetera, than this. Just that I can't put a finger on the names.

But for all that, the series does make for a really good read :). I do take exception to this being classed as a children's series though :|. That's sort of like calling those last couple of Potter books children's bed-time story books....

So yeah, I got back home yesterday. And while there were rumours that I might have to head off to the boats again, not in 3 months, but in 3 days, it now appears that is not the case :D. I can't say I like flying this direction much though, the jet lag is horrible. I managed to sleep most of the daylight hours, and then another healthy 10 hours overnight :P.

Pics and tales from the Caribbean to follow :).

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