Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Wishing for that silver lining to broaden in the face of the gathering storm

I really should know better :. Hardly a day had passed since I wrote blissfully of being in no hurry to leave Cartagena, and lo and behold, suddenly, processes that had moved mere inches in the previous fortnight, progressed in leaps and bounds! Out of nowhere, we were leaving port in a day and heading off to deploy the gear I'd hoped to not have to set eyes on for another month at least :(.
At least there was one last trip into town. The final result was sadly minus the much needed new sneakers, but was interesting in that I can now say I've had the supposedly famous Colombian 'firewater'... With somewhat mixed results :P. And then it was time for the Trident to make its rather picturesque way out of the harbour.We went by some more of the fortifications, some green seemingly uninhabited islands, smaller satellite towns spread amidst the lagunas. All in all I was quite sad that we were leaving actually :(. Not least of all in anticipation of the suffering that awaited us :. Not that I still appreciated the full extent of said suffering.Well, things went rather okay for the first couple of days on the back deck, barring a few batterings to the head etc. And then two things happened. I decided to commit to my proposed trip to the Caribbean, more specifically, to Puerto Rico and the British (and maybe even the US) Virgin Islands. (Which, hopefully is to include some scuba diving, *fingers tightly crossed*!!) Then, to my surprise and joy, I was informed that I would have to take the next trip off! (Which translates directly to an unprecedented thirteen weeks off!!!! And hence a lot of potential plans :D :D.) And then it all got shot through the head by the rapid and violent decline of the weather into an absolute mess, as can be seen below :(.The direct implication? Crew change might get delayed. Which in turn means my plans for the Caribbean could very well get sunk all the way down to the bottom of the ocean (well, the bottom of the Caribbean Sea actually), along with my hopes of getting that Open Water certification :(. So now, with less than a week to go to the supposed crew change day, and ever worsening forecasts, I'm in something of a state :. Prayers for fair weather in the region around 11º 5' N/75º 30' W on the 14th would be very highly appreciated indeed!! Please....? :)

Currently: worried!! :(
Listening to: She & Him - Please, please, please, let me get what I want


Maria said...

How much? ... For prayers, you know... :P

kray said...

what?!!! over and above my heartfelt gratitude?!! ;)

and maybe the fact that I promise reciprocal prayers for the weather offshore Broome?! :D

Hemamalini said...

what!13 weeks off? bleddy ridiculous i say:P i couldnt even get together time for a 3 week getaway. count your blessings ;)

anyway, why can't you postpone the flights if crew-x is delayed?

kray said...

heh, yes, counting, but you know that thing about counting prematurely? :P

the timing is rather precariously poised.... as usual :-<