Sunday, 15 November 2009

On old temples and old books

So what have I been up to? Not a lot :). And it felt really really good, for a while :D. Once I got home, I stubbornly refused to budge! The previous weeks sort of caught up with me and I was quite happy to just be lazy for a bit! What I did, was catch up on a bit of reading.

Given the rather unsatisfactory end to A Long Way Down (completely a fault of my imagination, of course, not the author :|), I decided to give About A Boy another go. Nope, no surprises there :). While trying to decide between going back to the GRRM's and giving High Fidelity another go, I went looking for Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy.

Unfortunately, my favourite book store under the stairs in this town (well, actually it's a book store under the escalators) keeps insisting it will be available next week. For the last two weeks! Well, I suppose to be fair it did go up to two weeks today... Anyhoo, what I did find was the third book of the Inheritance Cycle.

I wasn't really planning on going any further than those first two books, like, ever! But hey, I wasn't ready to deal with the Song of Ice and Fire again this soon after the heartbreak of Ptolemy's Gate. But I did want to get back to fantasy pronto... so. But then as I started off with Brisingr while waiting for others to get their shopping done, I realised I didn't have a clue. So yeah, started off with Eragon all over again. I had the time :). Yup, it's still the same feeling. You've gotto make some major concessions to CP, use a lot of imagination to make it look good :).
And then plans started intruding into the pretty solid walls of lethargy I'd managed to build about me :D. It was just a couple of days out with the extended family. On the way, I suppose by design, but catching my completely by surprise, we went past the place I'd spent the first 8 years of my life!!!It's not like it hasn't happened before, but the whole anomaly of scale thing caught me off guard :). You know, how you always thought there was this absolutely enormous temple whose shadow you loved to play in a long time ago, watching the vast river flow lazily by? Well, then you go back about 18 years later, and things seem to have shrunk a fair bit!! :)
I was especially thrilled to see the people crossing the river though!! You see, there is a sort of triangular island (yes, there still is) at the confluence of two rivers. And we used to cross the shallow sandy riverbed to get to those really top hide and seek locations and what not :). Then of course, they'd release the waters from the dam further upstream and we'd get stuck for hours! Good times....
So yeah, it was a pretty cool trip. And there's a whole bunch of plans just around the corner! Which is good, 'cos while I'm pretty good at keeping my self entertained, I'm not sure how much longer I'd have been able to keep it up :D.

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Hemamalini said...

:) - at the Long Way down comment..Ya know, am reading his Juliet, Naked and am quite liking it and remember abandoning it a while back because of dislike..( profundity alert :P) i think our attitude to books change as we as people keep changing.

kray said...

:) true, plus there is all the stuff happening all around at the time... that does make a difference too, I think.

lakshya khare said...

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