Wednesday, 25 November 2009

On weddings and traffic jams

I've realised this, I do like being lazy :). But doing stuff is more fun. Once I manage to get myself over the initial inertia :D. So a bit over a week back I left for a visit to Bombay. My first in close to two years! And as it turned out, the place has changed!Had someone asked me a couple of years back if it was possible to make the traffic situation any worse, I couldn't have helped laughing in their face, yet there I was, witness to the mess the construction of a zillion fly-overs has created. Oh I know! I know! It's all supposed to make things better, but in the mean time, it's made the whole thing a lot worse!!!

Other than that, I think the ol' city's more or less up to its old antics :). I like being in Bombay, there's just no two ways about that :). In a way that Calcutta probably never will, Bombay makes me feel at home. The other places that could have laid their claims have just changed too much in the intervening years...I was there to attend a wedding. Yet another one of my batch mates had chosen to follow what has now become a regular and almost commonplace route :). (I have rather shrewdly chosen to refer to it as getting older these days, thus deflecting the blow somewhat :D.) What was sad though, was the visual and irrevocable proof that people have indeed drifted apart. Inevitable, yet saddening when you see it clearly.I was headed out to Kanpur for yet another wedding, but repeated threats of severely low temperatures finally drove me to get a proper jacket. The formal kind. Yes, very out of character and all that, but the inexplicable need to not appear like a ruffian had gripped me. Confounding, I know!! :)
The wedding was one of those all-nighters. Which was a shock, especially after the super efficient, 35-minute affair I'd attended in Bombay! And then the mess started. Barely an hour of sleep, the flight out of Kanpur cancelled, the alternate flight out of Lucknow delayed so much that I missed my connection back home!And thus it was that I ended up in Noida again for the night. Not before grappling with the thoroughly irritating lack of transport options to Noida from the airport and a two and a half hour wait in the cold outside :(. It was good catching up with the cousins though. But the massive traffic snarls I could have done without :|.

And tomorrow I'm off on another family trip! Another place I haven't visited in close to a decade... This vacation thing's turning out quite nicely! And busy as this is, I can't even imagine how I'll actually get around to fitting work in too, when the time comes! :P

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Yana said...

Finally you got yourself a proper jacket

But Dude!! What's with the ginormous shoulder pads? :P

kray said...

:D so I spent about 5 minutes on getting the thing... that included trying it on. it was the least of all available evils :P

Maria said...

First, there's nothing wrong with the jacket.
Second, It's nice to hear your enjoying your time off, looking forward to something like that (maybe not that active though :) ).
And third, It's nice to be reading your blog again, i haven't been here for ages!

kray said...

hey!! good to see u here again :)
as for the active bit.. let's see how you do sitting still for 3 months if it ever comes to that :D