Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The prick word: metaphorically :D

It shouldn't be, really, but I find it a bit surprising how you remember things, movies, books, songs even, not how they really were, but somewhat altered in your memory over time. Even when you think about them often. Or is it because you think of them often. (My drift here is this, if you weren't thinking about something at all, you'd either not remember it or at least not have embellished the details with fantasy. In either case you weren't remembering it any different from what it actually was. But I digress.)

So I was reading A Long Way Down again. And for the most part it was exactly as I remembered! Hilarious :) mostly... But what caught me off guard a bit was the end. I could have sworn there were a couple of chapters that had gone missing!! But of course that wasn't it, I was reading the exact same copy :|. I suppose it also caught me off guard a bit that it's now been over a year since I read it first. Definitely didn't seem that long ago.

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