Friday, 4 December 2009

In search of the mountains - Day 4

-Phalut, 3600m

Now today I'm well and truly tired! The sunrise at Sandakphu was awesome. I'll skip the words, there are pictures :). Trekking-with-company pangs hit early, with the start delayed almost by an hour! Thereafter though, things went okay mostly. But the distance was quite a challenge! The terrain was by no means easy and the uphill climbs at the end with the entire world masked in a cold and clammy white, things got very miserable indeed :(.
Still, we all made it here, and the two French-Canadian girls I was trekking with proved to be pretty awesome company :). Not that conversation was exactly flowing freely in those latter stages :). Once we made it to Phalut though, and gathered around the kitchen fire, time went by quickly!
Though this was by no means an uneventful day, I honestly can't keep my eyes open a minute longer!! Closing thoughts: cold, wind, aches, cold...
Currently: unbelievably tired
Listning to: the wind howling outside

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