Sunday, 6 December 2009

In search of the mountains - Day 6

-Rimbik, 2110m

So that's it!! Another remarkable day and I'm done with the trek! :) Beautiful though it is, Gorkhey doesn't offer anything special for the early riser. Hence, I woke up rather lazily at 6:15 and we were off in 45 minutes :). The walk past Samanden through the thick moody pine forest in the clear sunlight that filtered through - beautiful :). And then, while walking past one of the lodges in Rammam, who do I see staring at me from the front door?! Karine!! Yup, they were starting late :D.Good thing it was! And a happy coincidence. Even though about a third of all conversation is inevitably in French (and very animated French at that) and utterly lost on me, entertainment is guaranteed :). And so I was quite content along the twisting and frankly rather agonising descent to Srikhola.For the most part we had some river or other within earshot. The very last leg from Srikhola to Rimbik was tough, a real trial of will! Eventually, after much are-we-there-yet-ing, we did get there. And I had to bid farewell, again, to my partners for over half the 6-day trek :-<. I am staying here overnight and they headed off for Darjeeling.
The hot shower (the bucket and mug variety) was most welcome :). A first this month :P. The other momentous event of the day was switching on the mobile for the first time since Maneybhanjang. My mom was definitely glad to hear that I'm alive and kicking!
Also booked a ride down to Siliguri for early tomorrow. Hopefully I'll get there in time for a quick lunch and my flight back to Kolkata. It feels a little strange to see regular lights, electric, not solar powered, or battery powered, or wax powered :). It was fun watching my guide playing badminton and entertaining the lodge-owner's daughters. It's not nearly as cold as those other places further up, but it still is cold. And the fog obliterated the horizon long before darkness did.
It's getting hard to keep the thoughts ordered. Not that I'm hopelessly tired, like in Phalut. But I think I could use a good proper night's sleep! Haven't had one of those in a while...

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