Sunday, 28 February 2010

A drive off into the sunset.

It's good when things work out :). I'm back to the awfully short breaks, and what time I had this break has all but wound down. But it was a fun time! Firstly, we got off the boat when we were supposed to! That's always a good thing :).I was staying an extra day in New Orleans, but I was too busy being lazy, so there was only the cursory look at downtown, on the pretense of picking up our first rental car. And the somewhat long awaited, proper 3D Imax look at Avatar :). Maybe I'll actually go down to the famed French Quarter next time I'm in town.
And thereafter began the long, long-awaited and awesome road trip. Let me tell you, the drive all the way from New Orleans, LA to Jacksonville, FL is long! The pitstop at the boss's place on the way for lunch (and the guns (!!!)) was a welcome break in the nearly 600 mile drive down the mostly picturesque interstates through Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and finally Florida.Jacksonville was really just a nightstop and as we made our way down the Florida coast the next day, we stopped over at St. Augustine, the country's oldest town, and later on made a diversion to Cape Canaveral for a look at the Kennedy space Centre (albiet from a bit of a distance :P).When we finally made it into Miami, it was dark and the drive down South Beach and downtown was mostly just bright lights :). Oh but what lights, and what sounds :). And then the next morning we traded in our transit Nissan for the totally awesome 2010 Mustang!!!!
I've got to say, the drive down to Key West from Miami, was absolutely the best part of the trip for me!! The weather was less than awesome for a while. But once you clear the main land and start driving down US 1, hopping from island to island, often enveloped by the spectacular blue-green ocean on either side, and at times blasting down the rather empty road, straight into the sunset, it's pretty close to road-trip heaven :). Well, what can I say, the car's got a lot to do with it, but there's also the company, the view, and the soundtrack....
The three days we spent in Key West were marked mostly by lazyness and chilling out and doing whatever caught our fancy at whatever time we chose to wake up :D. It was awesome!! We had a couple of good weather days, that we used to head out the the Bahia Honda beach and a somewhat fog interrupted stint on a couple of jet-skis.And then we had a day totally owned by the rain. We decided to still have a bit of a drive around, crawling around town, watching the grey clouds roll by over the grey sea from the Fort Zach beach parking lot :).We even headed out for a movie :D. Then there was the very last bit, the drive back up to Miami. I suppose it might be a sad thing that we missed out on the famous Mallory Square sunset thing, but hey, I've seen enough sunsets over the ocean, I think :).If you ask me, it was the best road trip ever. No rush, no 'we've gotto go see this, we've gotto go see that', no waking up early in the morning :D. And a lot of driving down long winding roads. That's what road trips aught to be about, no?! With over 1300 miles in a week, I think that criterion was more than fulfilled :).It was also a bit of a farewell trip, with Yana getting transferred off the Trident. I suppose that means impromptu road-trip partners would now be a lot harder to come by :-<. And now I'm almost done with the really short, nice, lazy, stay-at-home weekend at my aunt's place in a really chilly and frosty Asheville, NC. In the grander scheme of things it's a bit of a full circle I guess. The last time I was here was around the beginning of my half year of long breaks. And this is the end of it. I should really do something about it, shouldn't I?!

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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Not-so-quiet times

Another couple of boat trips in almost quick succession. A fair bit of back-deck drama. Thankfully not too much though. A few more gorgeous sunrises. And it's down to just a wake-up. (That means crew-x tomorrow (!!! \:D/ :D etc.) for the seismic-speak challenged.)
The weather, however, is something almost everyone on-board is keeping a very wary eye on. It's supposed to be okay, but who knows. You can only be sure once that chopper takes off from the helideck!
Seeing how the flights have already been booked, and the cars, and the accommodation, the New Orleans - Key West road trip is more or less a go :). I'm quite looking forward to it actually!
I'll have to make the most of the barely 10-day break that I'll be getting, before heading off to Asker after a 6 month hiatus. But before any of that, there's still one more shift. Let's hope it goes quietly and absolutely uneventfully :D.

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Wednesday, 10 February 2010


It's good huh? The weather improved just about enough to let me get in that boat for a nice, if somewhat chilly and bumpy, trip. One just long enough to make it a significant break from the usual monotony, but short enough to not be much of a pain :).
And then there was the little foray to the back-deck amidst the absolutely torrential rain pouring out of the pitch black night. Ducking out of the way of sudden deluges as the water sloshed around and overflowed the deck above was fun. Till we mistimed a few and got soaked :|.
And just like that, it's barely over a week to crew change! I'm finally more or less certain of a return to Asker for the latter part of the break. Wonder how cold it will be in the beginning of March. Looking forward to seeing the familiar faces again :).Plus, now we can go ahead and plan that road trip!! New Orleans to Key West, via St. Augustine and Miami :D. Should be interesting.

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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Balancing on one fine wire

I wonder why I hardly ever mention music here. I suppose there is that thought, what could I possibly have to say that hasn't been said before, right?There is that. And there's the fact that there isn't all that much to say. Except that it's one of those 'necessary to maintain a basic level of sanity' type things :). Why do I have the feeling I may have said this before? It's just unfortunate that not everyone seems to think that way.One thing that often gets me though, is how different people, bands, whatever, call their songs the same. And sometimes that can be so totally ironic :).
No one laughs at God when their airplane
Starts to uncontrollably shake...

But God can be funny...

God can be so hilarious...

No one’s laughing at God
We’re all laughing with God
PS. Regina Spektor is awesome! I wish I had more songs. But right now I'm stuck here :|. Right, sunrises! :)Currently: same as the other day :)
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Monday, 1 February 2010

Fresh tunes and pretty sunrises

Right, post as an excuse to put up photos time. :)
Seeing how I've unofficially given up on the photo-blogs (darned Facebook and its convenient photo-upload tool :-<), added to the fact that life right now doesn't seem to be coming up with anything worth mentioning of late, this might even end up being a regular thing... Don't know if that is good or bad. Oh I know that an uneventful trip, for the most part, is a very good thing. To be honest it's been rolling along quite nicely. In more ways than one. Unfortunately that has also meant no boating in half the trip so far.
I suppose the sunrises do make up for it somewhat though. There's something to take pictures of :).Currently: alright, still
Listening to: Regina Spektor - The ghost of corporate future