Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Balancing on one fine wire

I wonder why I hardly ever mention music here. I suppose there is that thought, what could I possibly have to say that hasn't been said before, right?There is that. And there's the fact that there isn't all that much to say. Except that it's one of those 'necessary to maintain a basic level of sanity' type things :). Why do I have the feeling I may have said this before? It's just unfortunate that not everyone seems to think that way.One thing that often gets me though, is how different people, bands, whatever, call their songs the same. And sometimes that can be so totally ironic :).
No one laughs at God when their airplane
Starts to uncontrollably shake...

But God can be funny...

God can be so hilarious...

No one’s laughing at God
We’re all laughing with God
PS. Regina Spektor is awesome! I wish I had more songs. But right now I'm stuck here :|. Right, sunrises! :)Currently: same as the other day :)
Listening to: Regina Spektor - Laughing with (and the half dozen other songs I have by her)