Wednesday, 10 February 2010


It's good huh? The weather improved just about enough to let me get in that boat for a nice, if somewhat chilly and bumpy, trip. One just long enough to make it a significant break from the usual monotony, but short enough to not be much of a pain :).
And then there was the little foray to the back-deck amidst the absolutely torrential rain pouring out of the pitch black night. Ducking out of the way of sudden deluges as the water sloshed around and overflowed the deck above was fun. Till we mistimed a few and got soaked :|.
And just like that, it's barely over a week to crew change! I'm finally more or less certain of a return to Asker for the latter part of the break. Wonder how cold it will be in the beginning of March. Looking forward to seeing the familiar faces again :).Plus, now we can go ahead and plan that road trip!! New Orleans to Key West, via St. Augustine and Miami :D. Should be interesting.

Currently: almost into no-mores!
Listening to: Train - Getaway

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chiradeep said...

wow....these pictures are really cool and it does speak of an exciting work life......isn't that so ? You people are awesome.... -Chiradeep (ex SPS, Asansol '09)