Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Not-so-quiet times

Another couple of boat trips in almost quick succession. A fair bit of back-deck drama. Thankfully not too much though. A few more gorgeous sunrises. And it's down to just a wake-up. (That means crew-x tomorrow (!!! \:D/ :D etc.) for the seismic-speak challenged.)
The weather, however, is something almost everyone on-board is keeping a very wary eye on. It's supposed to be okay, but who knows. You can only be sure once that chopper takes off from the helideck!
Seeing how the flights have already been booked, and the cars, and the accommodation, the New Orleans - Key West road trip is more or less a go :). I'm quite looking forward to it actually!
I'll have to make the most of the barely 10-day break that I'll be getting, before heading off to Asker after a 6 month hiatus. But before any of that, there's still one more shift. Let's hope it goes quietly and absolutely uneventfully :D.

Currently: almost there!!
Listening to: Wolfmother - Vagabond


chiradeep said...

is the last photograph that of an offshore oil rig ?

kray said...

production platform actually