Saturday, 20 March 2010

In between an end and another beginning.

It's been a pretty awesome break actually :). Imagine saying that to a measly 10 days off then 3 weeks in office in a freezing Norway. Then compare it to a 3 month long break, and when you find yourself still saying the same thing, well, then you know it was definitely something :).But, now it's almost over. So, before I head back to the Gulf of Mexico once again, I decided to take the weekend off. I mean really off. Do nothing hectic :P. No late Friday night, no snowboarding, no travelling. Just chill out at home and watch lots of movies :D.And sleep without an alarm!!! Like wow!!! Right?! :D That's one of those things I really hate. And of course I have to do it all the time, 'cos I never can wake up when I have to on my own :P. So there's nothing more irritating than finding myself awake at the ungodly hour of 9:30 am on a Saturday morning! Of course, I did manage to turn over and go back to sleep :P.
It's not funny at all how much of your life is dictated by a piece of plastic. When that piece happens to be your only credit/debit card, the one you've just lost :). God bless bank transfers :D.But, all that still didn't stop me from going snowboarding once more during the week. It was good! Back in Tryvann. It was pretty foggy around the time we got there, but then it cleared right up! Another 4 hours of non-stop tearing down the slopes! Well, the one slope mostly :D.I guess the only thing is that my plans for next break are somewhat up in the air. (Oh, the movie is pretty ok actually :).) But then again, it's more than a month away, anything could happen :).

Currently: being deliberately lazy while I can :P
Listening to: Alexi Murdoch - Some day soon

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