Friday, 26 March 2010

Warming up

Right, so here I am, back on the boat again. Managed to get from Asker to New Orleans within one day. It's just that at 31 hours, it was a pretty long day.
There was one really long flight, but it was shaping up to be quite interesting! With the most talkative neighbour I'd met yet. Unfortunately, I had to swap seats to make life easier for families trying to sit together on a fully packed flight. Twice! So in the end it was a pretty quiet trip :).It's usually a good thing when you know what to expect for crew change (there be exceptions, yes). So it was good to run into some familiar faces at the airport, then again at the hotel reception. And then later on again at the pub a couple of blocks down the road.But now it's back to the boat, and I know I'm running the risk of sounding like a broken record, but the faces are changing. Less of the familiar, more of the unfamiliar. One day I'll stop being surprised. But it would seem, not yet.The first few days have gone nicely. It's good be back in consistently positive temperatures. And I'm really hoping to get bored to death for the next 5 weeks :D.

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