Monday, 8 March 2010

Windmills, hot chocolate and David Guetta!

Talk about impromptu trips :). We were initially supposed to head off to Barcelona or something. But we left things till way too late, and to avoid a weekend in Asker (and more importantly, to avoid getting hot coffee or an empty cup thrown at me!!) we some how managed to come up with another road trip! This time to Denmark.
Come Saturday morning, I was feeling only the marginal effects of the previous night. (Let's not go into that one, or the warnings of potential heart-attacks.) We drove down towards Larvik in perfect weather, bright sunshine, blue skies, and yet enough cold to keep the white snow pristine, and us thankful for car AC :).The ferry took us thereafter to the shores of Denmark. More lasting testaments of an unusual winter were evident in the amount of ice on the way! And yes, it was almost impossible to stay out in the open thanks to the cold. And of course, the wind :).Oh! Did I mention the windmills?! For once I wasn't the only excitable one in the group :D.
Aalborg isn't exactly massive :). Which was a good thing for us. The exploratory walk around town was just short of hypothermia inducing, and one perfectly brewed steaming glass of hot chocolate quickly restored us to our happy selves :D.
I suppose a couple of things worth a mention would be the rather famous local drink, Aquavit, which reminded me strongly of Becherovka. And the very smartly accommodated bunk beds in the hotel room!The next day, we'd set ourselves a fairly steep task, driving all the way from Aalborg back to Asker, via Copenhagen and Goteborg. And we weren't about to stay on the road all the way, so the first stop was at Arhus, and the horse of Christian X!We could tell that we were heading south, there was more colour to the world, not just the white. And the walk to find lunch at Odense would have been quite a nice and warm affair, but for the wind. However, yet another perfect glass of hot chocolate took care of that. Honestly, that's at least one thing the Danish have got the hang of, hot chocolate :)!!It was beginning to get somewhat dark by the time we made it to Copenhagen. A drive through the city center, hurried snapshots at traffic lights. Sometimes on the fly. We did make the stop to visit the Little Mermaid though. And another stop at the Royal Palace.But by then the sun had well and truly disappeared and it was time to leave Denmark and head across the water into Sweden. It was a fairly long way back, punctuated by sudden, sometimes thick banks of fog. The streams of light, floating past, and the music (the latter a subject of some animated debate over the couple of days :P), lent some character to the darkness.Well, there had been allegations that the soundtrack had put some to sleep earlier in the day, but I strongly deny them, especially as we neared Asker once again, in the wee hours of Monday morning. Black ice and white snow once again dominating the world, as slumber beckoned...Currently: contemplating possibilities for next weekend...
Listening to: The Weepies - Gotta have you


Maria said...

Maria Hayek likes your post :D

kray said...

she's also rather bored I see? :D

was a good trip tho :)