Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Living in twilight

As it turns out, so far, the getting bored to death bit is working out more or less okay :). It could be better, I'm not getting as many sunrises as I'd like to, but hey, it could be worse.
The unfortunate part though, is that I'm out of luck with boat trips :(. Just the way the shifts are set up, nothing I can do about that. I did manage one trip out, nice weather, nothing particular to do, a tuned up jet boat :D. Even managed to set a new personal fastest speed of 35 kts >:). (I'm sure I could have done better, given slightly flatter sea conditions.)
The other things keeping me sane these days are the passes around rigs lit up like Christmas trees at night :).Everything would have been more or less cool but for one unfortunate incident back home that sent shock waves out far enough to even catch me unawares.
Currently: floating along, still
Listening to: The Weepies - Riga girls

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